(upon delivery of orders)

  • Non-Defective Goods: 30 Days
  • Defective Goods: 30 Days
  • Mis-Shipped Orders: 10 Days
  • Damage by Shipping Carrier (in transit): 48 hours upon delivery
  • Non-Defective Returns Unallowed for:
    Sea Eagle / Poweriser / FANMATS/ Steiner Sports /BIOflex / MLBPAA / Health Supplements / Foods / Personal Hygene / Household Cleaners / Consumable Goods


  • Defective Merchandise: No re-stock fees with product replacement (may be subject to restock fees if not being replaced)
  • Non-Defective Merchandise: 15% re-stock fee in most cases (exceptions listed within ACCEPTED RETURN REQUESTS section below)
  • Unauthorized, Refused, and Undeliverable Returns: subject to related shipping and re-stock penalty fees of 30%; may be subject to $12.00 re-delivery penalty fee (charged by shipping carrier)
  • takes ownership possession of unclaimed, unauthorized product returns after 60 days.


All return requests, including non-defective, defective, and damage claims must be submitted within the Merchant Account Page: Please allow 1-2 business days for an initial response to newly submitted claim requests. Instructions for necessary customer details are described within the ACCEPTED RETURN REQUESTS section of this policy.Usually, 1-3 weeks may be required from the date of submission to process and complete the entire return request process. This includes receipt and inspection of goods by the manufacturer warehouse, investigation of claims, and final refund (if applicable).


For delivered merchandise that involves “buyer remorse” or other non-defective or non-damaged reasons for return, will accept requests formally submitted to for final approval. In order to qualify for approval, all non-defective return requests require merchandise to be in new, unused, and resellable condition as determined by and/or its affiliates. To submit an ideal non-defective return request, please describe the reason for non-defective return: ie product quality concern, purchase elsewhere, etc. ALL RETURN REQUESTS MUST BE FORMALLY SUBMITTED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO RETURN. A 15% restocking fee is required for all non-defective returns, excluding the following brand exceptions:

  • Airhead (20% restock fee)
  • Backroadz (25% restock fee).
  • BuyEnlarge (20% restock fee)
  • Cuda (20% restock fee)
  • DryPak (20% restock fee)
  • First Aid Only (20% restock fee)
  • Guardian (20% restock fee)
  • Hull Hugr (20% restock fee)
  • iTouchless (25% restock fee)
  • Jet Logic (20% restock fee)
  • Meyda (30% restock fee)
  • Mini Gadgets (20% restock fee)
  • Napier (25% restock fee)
  • Open Air Cinema (20% restock fee)
  • PureWater 2GO (20% restock fee)
  • World Industries (20% restock fee)
  • ScootR Logic (20% restock fee)
  • SportsStuff (20% restock fee)

Please refer to the “Prohibited Non-Defective Return Requests” to review merchandise disallowed for returns.

Defective Merchandise

Allowed within 30 Days
For delivered merchandise that involves manufacturer-related product defects related to design, construction, or originally intended use, will accept requests formally submitted to for final approval. In order to qualify for approval, defective return requests require detailed reasons and descriptions related to the nature of said defective merchandise. To submit an ideal defective return request, please use exact details to describe the nature of the alleged defect(s): ie specific pieces/parts missing, reason or nature of improper product function, construction design/sizing, etc. Upon inspection, defective merchandise is replaced with similar merchandise and shipped to the customer at the expense of (depending upon availability). If replacement merchandise is unavailable for defects, a full refund will be promptly provided to the customer. If customer refuses to receive replacement merchandise (or product is deemed non-defective), customer will incur a restock fee based on this policy fee schedule. By default, is not responsible for inbound shipping costs related to returns, excluding costs to ship replacement/corrected merchandise to the customer. If product received on a defective claim is deemed non-defective by or its affiliates, it is the customer responsibility to cover return shipping costs. Or, customer may elect to re-stock non-defective merchandise with corresponding re-stock fee. ALL RETURN REQUESTS MUST BE FORMALLY SUBMITTED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO RETURN.

Damaged Merchandise Allowed within 48 Hours

All damaged good claims must be submitted to within 48 hours of original delivery receipt. Damaged goods qualify as a result of packages being allegedly disturbed or harmed by the shipping carrier (ie UPS, Fedex, etc). These claims submitted to must be promptly filed in order to initiate the shipping claims process. Please allow between 1 to 3 weeks for damage claims to be reviewed and finalized by the shipping carrier. Required information for damage claim requests include the following: original packaging material, tracking information, end recipient contact telephone number, and details describing the nature of damage. ALL RETURN REQUESTS MUST BE FORMALLY SUBMITTED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO RETURN.

Mis-Shipped Merchandise Allowed within 10 Days

All shipments involving final delivery of incorrect merchandise should be submitted to within 10 days of delivery receipt. Mis-shipments qualify as a result of deliveries for received merchandise that was not originally ordered by the customer. If mis-shipment return requests are not submitted within 10 days of delivery, claims will be treated as non-defective return requests. ALL RETURN REQUESTS MUST BE FORMALLY SUBMITTED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO RETURN. Required information for mis-shipment claim requests include the following: model number(s) ordered vs. model number(s) received, additional digital photographs will help expedite claims processing. will furnish return shipping labels for all incorrectly shipped merchandise.


Inventory that is custom produced based on immediate order demand does not qualify for non-defective returns. The following brands are designated as “custom manufactured” and do not qualify for non-defective return:

Pro Tour Memorabilia,
limited GT Styling merchandise,
Sea Eagle,
hand-signed Upper Deck merchandise,
Superstar Greetings,
and limited ATN merchandise.

Undeliverable & Refused Shipments

Legitimate orders shipped on behalf or customers that are returned to sender as “undeliverable” and/or refused delivery by recipient do not necessarily qualify for accepted return. will make every attempt to re-ship undeliverable units at the financial expense of customer to re-ship undeliverable returns. Shipments should not be refused by recipient unless explicitly instructed to do so by

Health Supplements / Foods / Personal Hygene / Household Cleaners / Consumable Goods / Specialty Brands

Under no circumstances are non-defective returns allowed for inventory associated with the following category types:

health supplements,
personal hygene (including bathroom care),
household cleaners,
and other consumable goods.

Non-defective returns are also un-allowed for:

Steiner Sports,
and Sea Eagle branded inventory.

More than 30 Days after Delivery Receipt

All non-defective return requests submitted after 30 days will be subject to denial by

Warranty Coverage

All return requests submitted after 30 days by the customer are defined as Manufacturer Warranty claims. Warranty claims must be submitted directly by the end consumer to the product manufacturer for additional support. Warranty periods vary by manufacturer; most non-custom manufactured merchandise includes a One Year parts/labor warranty. Contact for further manufacturer warranty coverage details as needed. Warranties are listed for most products.